About Fish Sembilang

Among the fish that are easily accessible
There are three types of common Sembilang in our country that Sembilang rivers, reefs and gemang Sembilang. Gemang is headed species larger than usual and the shelled Sembilang a little brighter. It is a species larger than normal Sembilang. Front teeth rougher. Public opinion on major Sembilang called gemang. Gemang actually just belongs to the family Sembilang. To me, you can make a comparison between Sembilang and gemang terms of the features I mentioned earlier to get greater certainty. From small, both species have a different 'look' but has more or less the same characteristics.

Sembilang reefs (Plotosus lineatus) is smaller than normal and gemang Sembilang. It is dark-skinned, have a clear path through the body and skin more beautiful and interesting than his brothers. However you should not be deceived because it has the sting of a more 'power' of his brother, though a small body.

Sembilang family with 3 spines, one on top and a pair of fins on a sharp left and right, or better known as venomous stings enough to make the victim fought with the pain more than 3 days. I personally feel the pulse was twice that usually makes the sting swollen for 4 days. Sick ... lazy long story and you do not try it, the case 'Naya' existence. Moreover stings hidden behind a row of dorsal soft as if they do not have hard sharp thorns.

It has 4 upper lip mustache in his mouth hard while four other under the scalloped lips soft but sharp. Moustache (maxillary barbel) at the very edge of the fin and nearly left and right sting in which all four pairs. Antennae are used as sensors (sense of smell) to detect the presence of prey and feed mainly at night and in turbid water.

Habitat and Nature

However, at low tide, this species is fond of the area wood or a Reba at the base of the mouth of the river, unloading fish at the jetties and piers as long as a protective structure. Currently, he is said to be less active (feeding) or more to relax while waiting for the tide movement. For ordinary people diving on the coast, sometimes you can see a row of catfish in excess of 30 individuals hide behind the wood.

Catfish move in groups large and some reported that hundreds of pieces. It is also silent on the water like a little in love even though its search for food in shallow water. Sembilang reefs are easily available in coral reef areas or the West coast.


Fish is less but choosing bait like another species, some of the bait or favorite meniadi main diet. Perumpun is the best addition to shrimp, squid, snails, its crabs, mussels (mussels) and fish fry. Similarly, the use of horseshoe crab eggs are said to be most effective for bait Sembilang. Most anglers use the old horseshoe crab eggs that burned and scattered in the area of water options such as teeth or mouth of the river to invite children to come before the eyes Sembilang fishing with bait thrown perumpun or content of the snail.

Horseshoe crab eggs to be burned and the scent after Sembilang is said to smell the presence of horseshoe crab eggs that have the necessary protein and nutrients. Not only fish but other Sembilang also fond of the eggs of horseshoe crab eggs in the teeth of ordinary water and sandy areas. Sembilang also
catching bait live bait like a mullet, and perforated if it came across.


Sembilang is the best way to hunt in the area that became a favorite of eight species of mustache is as written above. If fishing from the beach, you need to find little or coastal areas
river estuary a stream or watercourse. Hideout feed or content of choice, especially perumpun river snails in the area around the 'gate' estuary, especially the change of flow occurs either move or stir ebb tide. Sembilang who are hungry to explore the area to hunt the same prey as it is into or out of the creek. 

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