Kelong Abu like 'fish bank'

SCENIC and fishing on the Kelong Abu atmosphere at night.
Since operations in early 2009, Kelong Abu run a local children fishing, Amran Mohd Zan, 34, is always fully booked anglers either a living or just relaxing with family members while trying your luck fishing Alu Malacca Straits are more sweet content.

Thanks to the creation of a floating adrift Kelong destroyed waves, rising Amran idea to build a permanent Kelong using stem structure after many anglers complained nibong easy drunk while in Kelong teroleng floating deck cradle-roll of the waves.

Thus, the first bold investment with a total of RM35, 000 yielded the first Kelong that includes two bedrooms and bathroom. Its presence is fast becoming the talk of anglers to date has received over 50 orders, each representing four to 10 anglers for a fee equal to RM30 per person for 12 hours.

Now, with an additional investment of RM36, 000, he had another Kelong Kelong adjoining the first to be fitted with four bedrooms and a bathroom with a total of 60 stem thorn. 

"A Kelong I rent to a maximum of 10 persons and a fisherman is charged as low as RM30 for a period of 12 hours of fishing. It also includes delivery charges and went back to the jetty Kelong. 

"The first Kelong has two rooms, while the second Kelong there are four rooms for rent by families. I also provide gas stove for cooking, as well as water tanks and toilets, "he said. 

What is certain, he said, all anglers who come to kelongnya will not go home empty handed but bring a variety of species, such as thorns, mayong, threadfin, Senangin, gerut, new leaves, elephant ears, stingray, gutters, tetanda, sea bass, goggle eye , Knight, and Knight Offline.

Not surprisingly, the construction of two Kelong, the more good things and recognize Abu have incomes up to RM4, 000 per month revenue from the rental of any partner kelongnya and immediately called kelongnya youth as a bank in the sea. 

Young children who were still also have the skills to repair boat engines at once made herself known in the area, let alone his own true son of the fisherman who knows the consequences of fishing, weather and waves.

The choice of location after taking into account the sandy sea bottom mud is Amran preference for facing the Big Island's location and is ideal for anglers fishing relax guess at the fate of fish, especially Alu dreams, frequent and rays. 

Pari heaviest catch record 23 kilograms of scale leaves dipancing at Kelong was recently told everything. 

Recently, the authors could participate in relaxing while fishing with State Assemblyman (Assemblywoman) Serkam Datuk Ghazale Mohamad and the Malaysian Fisheries Development Board of Directors (Large Hadron Collider) Malacca, Baharin Omar. 

Using the Serkam siring Beach Pier, we were taken by boat to the Straits of Malacca around 10.30 pm that is just over dine and attend a live football match between a World Cup qualifier against Singapore's Tiger of Malaya. 

The journey to the Kelong a distance of about 800 meters and takes six minutes. 

Live shrimp and fresh prawn meat used as bait, some participants began to raise the fish one by one Knight, well-gerut Senangin and gerut. Although not big enough, but quite meaningful for the participants to release the pull on the rod to feel withdrawal, respectively. 

By late in the evening, participants are still fun to treat red fish, but around 3.00 am participants shrouded cold sea breezes blowing following the forcing, one by one into two rooms available at the Kelong to sleep.

By early morning until the sun rises, players are encouraged to treat various types of fishing rods to pull the fish seem to want breakfast. Besides Knight, Senangin and gerut, other fish, which also successfully increased the tetanda, stingrays and a new leaf.

 In addition, participants were awakened behavior Alu Abu carrying a weight of 5.2 kg and a grouper, weighing 2.3 kilograms. 

The fish was actually catch a few friends in the area around the Kelong fishing techniques used catgut amboh using 250 pounds of rope, rope tanning 200-300 pounds, 90-100 pound leader and held without a rod, as well as shredded squid bait fresh.

 "If to be on time, ordinary anglers get big fish from the Kelong and may continue to burn or cook to enjoy the fresh content,''he said. 

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