Tango's Beautiful

FAHIZ, Black, General, Fadzil, Is and Adnan record the beautiful memories of Rompin.
Anglers are willing to go out shopping for a taste treat sailfish favor

ACTION wriggle lintuk flying after the hit fish lips hooks tercangkuk bring various perceptions of some male anglers. There is evaluate rontaan fish is like a graceful dancer dancing Argentine tango.That uniqueness and temptations sailfish action against anglers worldwide who are excited and willing to spend a quarter of their annual income simply want to enjoy a treat of fish to feel self-respect. Species of the family was also made Istiophoridae Rompin waters hardcore anglers visit the region and European countries to share their fishing experiences. 

For anglers aces, the size of the hit in Rompin is considered ideal because it is considered cute, like a virgin girl who quickly sensitive if exposed piercing hook. Recently Fahiz, Black, General, Fadzil, Is and Adnan to arrange the hit on Merchong fishing trip, Rompin, Pahang planned since a month ago using a famous skipper Zamri with the attitude of the hardworking and friendly. 

Early morning the boat is moving from the jetty leading to the sink gems Merchong skipper Zamri options. But first they need to get live bait Brand as the most effective bait fish trap browsing as a diet food. Browsing fishing techniques using live applicable Brand Faiz meets the basic methods of fish as the fish surface that the hit was taboo to see a small fish. 

Matched with a round of Mustad hooks size 5 / 0 and use two meters of leader of the main rope strength 60 pounds (lb) is used to hold the thrust of this fish is said to not know the meaning of tired when fighting under water. Fadzil using such methods continue to receive the first strike about 11 am. However, acrobatic action on the water made the hit just managed to escape in the blink of an eye. 

The same thing happened about a half hours later when Fadzil who receive a second bolt of the same species managed to escape after committing the acrobatic action. Zamri skipper then asked the group Fahiz sailfish moved to the location marked in the device Global Positioning System (GPS). 

This time, Brand live bait on the surface is left free to drift to the predators feed close to receiving more snap. Fortunately, a set of matched Shimano Stella SW800 Wrex jig rod and main line withhold enough of Exoga Pe4 crammed in and acrobatic action to escape. 

About 20 minutes fighting with the hit, the victim finally showed a bit tired when it is easy to pull a boat approaching. In this position, the other gangs, including the use of Daiwa Black Exeler Oceoner 4500 with 40lb line in succession to treat fish prompted the skipper to move the boat back to give the Black mengarau ropes again. 

The battle for almost an hour finally give satisfaction for the beautiful Black with a size of 40 kilograms of the tango before spinning to the action finally landed on the boat.

By Zulhilmi Hat

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