Miller (Kelah) Gua Musang

Make enough money to make the winner of the National Youth Award 2011 Kelantan

BUSINESS rear Yaacob Mohd Basri Saipul mahseer (tor tambroides) in limestone caves in the Kampong LEPAN City, Gua Musang, Kelantan has the potential to help win lucrative and may open the eyes of regional operators footsteps.

He was real fortunate to be an efficient use of limestone caves such as the pool of God's gifts for him free of livestock and thus pave the earning.

However, the breeding project that started 10 years ago are not easily reached, and resorted to private study on the suitability of water flow and oxygen content in the other cave cleaning stone work around the cave so that looks clean and cheerful.
Shukri Matt Hus in feeding mahseer in cattle in caves.
Once found to be appropriate, about 2,000 seeds mahseer eventually released and helped the project emerged as the winner of the National Youth Award 2011 State of Kelantan, recently.

Reflecting on his achievements, he admitted that he had to take some time to clean the animal up to a level as now.

Now, the number had reached 7.000 kelahnya fish heads and 400 tails weighing between seven to eight pounds can be marketed at a price thousands of dollars per head.

"I am interested in breeding fish since childhood and took the opportunity to breed the fish in the limestone caves of the original area of ​​0.8 hectares of derelict and is now very happy with this success."I will continue to expand fish farming in order to meet the demand charge and the infusion is also the intention to help the government protect the types of fish are increasingly severe danger of extinction in Hulu Kelantan river," he said.

Still, initial efforts Mohd Saipul, 36, a full mine and never lose RM200, 000 when the fish are reared in ponds charge near Deer Park devastated by flash flood.

Savage tragedy for six hours of heavy rain that makes whites of the eyes when hundreds of fish of various sizes and size of livestock washed away by floods disappeared.He is also Member of the City Farmers' LEPAN Unit, said most of the seed is purchased or acquired charge of Aboriginal people in Hulu Kelantan.

"In the future, I intend to further develop this project to make the complaint fish in caves as a tourist destination in recent years as more and more tourists come to visit," he said.

In addition, he said, he will also make the affected area above the cave swiftlet nests for breeding because they found most convenient to start the project.

"I have attended courses and received certificates of participation Public Awareness Program Birds Fly A Kite 2008 organized by the Department of Wildlife and National Parks (Wildlife and National Parks)," he said.

In addition, he has received awards from the Input Help Aquaculture Department of Fisheries Malaysia and the Young Men's Award 2009 Farmer City Area Farmers Organisation (PPK), Gua Musang.

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