Technique captures aji-aji

Hashim Shah ABANG each hold aji-aji of 12 kg and 15 kg of successfully domesticated with fresh smelt bait.
Fishing in the waters when the tide is carrying Tawau luck

NO doubt make friends with people older or better known as 'otai' experience in the fishing arena favorable to the young angler to increase knowledge of fishing. Saying 'I first seasoned' often spoken of the old is good because they are much wider experience and know preferably in the field of venture turns.

Hence, the fishing trip in Tawau, Sabah visited Moses and Shah use an experienced skipper Abang Hashim to sink Artificial Island, near here, bringing good news to them when the resident schools of jacks (amberjack) are very difficult to successfully defeated that day

Two aji-aji weighing 12 kilograms (kg) and 15kg in fishing with bait fishing techniques using the policy of fresh smelt dangling end in the new boat owned by Abang Hashim boarded three of them.

Shah who talks to raise resident schools of jacks to journalists, said fishing rod, fish involved is not difficult when we know the actual techniques used local anglers fishing near the island visiting waters around Tawau's Made.
Shah posing with aji aji-15kg results skipper catches brother Hashim.
He said, involved simple fish fishing at high tide using a three-hook leader during sedepa adults with matched weight number 12.

"When the water started to install, Abang Hashim, who rushed down the rod string does not have to wait for the victim will smelt extended snapping bait.

"Interest is very strong aji-aji and strength PE 2-3 rod and reel match the horizontal size of his 4500 arrest thrust powerful enough fish-like calf pierced nose," he said.

Abang Hashim, who raised 12kg resident schools of jacks in the afternoon saying he had never raised this as strong fish which he had staked all nature to tame the victim was no pushover.

Shah added, the epicenter of Artificial Island in which to reach 250 meters (m) to 300m and the aji-aji habitat and other predatory fish to be several reasons why this fish is strong enough to give the match to escape.

After the first spell was raised, which took 20 minutes, other fish such as Bream and barracuda began, aji-aji in which the size of the fish weighing a kg to 3kg easily trace Shah and Moses with smelt fish bait.

That evening the three of them involved a feast of fish such as hunger and grab whatever is anchored in the water feeds. Before ending the session on the afternoon of fishing, the rod again struck Abang Hashim trusted voracious predators resident schools of jacks, such as at first.

"It's fun to see Abang Hashim fight with aji-aji a row rope deep into the sea. Thanks to the experience available to him as long off Tawau, with his easy to raise resident schools of jacks, weighing 15 kilograms was.

"Although I and Moses did not increase the size of fish, we are quite satisfied with the action Abang Hashim day. Methods and tips given to us is quite useful for trips in the future, "he said.

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