IKAN PUYU (Anabas Testudineus)

Puyu fish have the same properties with freshwater fish, other, even assuming the public perception of fish as fish puyu swamp or mud fish. Puyu fish species of freshwater fish is the most durable because of its shape sharp fins scaly and smooth, with a long lifespan and can live long in the land even without water. Usually the fish will be allowed to puyu within 2-3 days before cooking for the purpose of eliminating the smell of mud.

Fish puyu (Climbing perch) or scientific name Anabias Testudineus, also called damsel fishes. Puyu fish habitat is usually in the rice fields, lakes, wetlands, and creek bottom.
Farming Potential

Puyu fish looks like the easiest fish in the farm as most farmers feel that the fish are resistant (tough), die hard, air breather, and can eat what LETS. For me three things need to be taken into consideration if we breed puyu.

1. at the time of the new fish into the pond expansion, it should be given enough food it was 20 per cent of body weight and given 4-5 times daily. Better if we can provide livestock feed is always in the pool like stewed chicken stomach that is not destroyed or is not a big catfish on cut pieces. Puyu fish at this time is very large kanibalistik and will eat small animals that may be less than the rate of more than 50%. 4-5 meals a day should be done during the first 2-3 weeks.

2. Bethany puyu fish is much larger and faster than males puyu. if hard, grade fish is after a month and throw puyu males usually quite small and long. even in animals up to 6 months, male puyu great difficulty and want the hard sell.

3. puyu can eat anything because it was kind of omnivorous. but if we puyu female cattle, it takes the amount of fat and fish oil is more than other fish because it attempts to store fat as much as possible to nest.

Prices fish farm puyu at this time was between RM8-10 per kilo at SAIS 5-8 pieces per kilo.

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