Collect Income Revenue Streams Flood Season

Rains and overflowing Golok River flooded much of the area resulted in many lost their livelihood especially rubber tappers. 

For groups such as those affected by the change of seasons, the provision should continue to be sought and a number of them trying to catch fish with a seine, nets and fishing. 

A resident takes advantage of casting the
fish in a river that flooded flooding
Rantau Panjang recently.

What's more inland fish prices soared this season due to high demand.

I vote along Jalan Rantau Panjang ~ Pasir Mas here find many of the villagers of all ages took the opportunity to take advantage of the flood. 

A rubber tapper , Mat Jidin Tea, 51, ​​said the activity was done 10 years ago and every time a flood occurs.

"No can do other things if the flood so I 'll take the nets and fishing to find fish here and support my family." 

"If you are diligent and patient, many fish can be like catfish, perch, kaloi, catfish and other types," he said here recently . 

Sungai Golok is indeed very rich in diversity of fish, so every time the rainy season, it can be captured easily and sustenance not only enough for their family but also for sale. 

Another rubber tappers, Rozaidah Solomon, 48, said his family rubber plantation also flooded causing him to turn to fishing activities to earn money.

"I can not tap rubber this time, instead of wasting time better because fishing can be sold." 

"No person shall purchase no reason why I can cook for our needs at home," he said. 

In addition to residents, some young men from other districts also took the opportunity to come here to fish. 

Azman Md. Noor, 30, of Waterford said, every flood season he will not miss the opportunity to fish here because it is his hobby. 

"It's like this why not go to the river just sitting by the roadside while fishing and you can get a lot of fish," he said.

Patin fish bait and fishing rods Technique

Patin fish bait and fishing rods technique is appropriate for the title this time around, so threatened to pull Patin fish anglers fish like this one to satisfy the anglers, but also not a little less anglers know catfish bait and fishing techniques appropriate from there I want to share my experience to you.

Patin fish fishing network usually uses buoys and usually use 1 or 2 small hooks size. Because Patin fish do not have a big mouth. Only need to use a small wire and drowned nikelin or kenur pilot / Lider, spool sizes and weights small tin.

The thing to remember, when you prefer to use the float is short hooks up to the bottom of the river or pond so that the bait can touch base.

Patin fish fishing tackle technique

First bond angle to nikelin / kenur drive over 5-7 cm, then the nikelin or kenur drive (when there are two, both) tied to the spool.

The spool previously tied to the main strings, do not forget to enter the main kenur timah weights. Make sure the timah weights used is a vent in the middle type (timah melinjo) until timah can move freely in the main strings.

Once the timah is inserted, tie strings to the main spool connected to a hook. After fishing network, so use the rubber stopper on the main strings as guardian so that timah is not going too far from the spool. Distance of 5 cm is usually sufficient enough.

Once the bait thrown installed, make sure the strings are in a straight line between the angler and bait. No need to pull the strings so tight, just let quite loose until the strings floating on the water to form a line. When fish strike, the angler will see a line that goes from the strings on the water is moving.

Patin fish will not take the bait in a one-time jolt, so the strings move a few seconds quickly jerk your rod. When the hitch will cause the bait released by fish and missed your catch.
Patin fish will feel fun when caught with small strings. To start measuring 8-12 lbs recommended strings, for a fight techniques like "tarik-ulur" recommended using a measuring string 2-6 lbs. 

Do not forget to drag the customized settings to measure the strings. The first shock is not going to make big catfish fight aloud, you usually will feel heavy, but getting to the edge of a cliff so the fish will begin to "mengamuk".

Need to use the Sauk to lift the catch.
Be careful, a sharp jolt of small Patin fish can decide to string string string. When the fish is near and ready to be lifted, prepare to unload fish intake. Remember not to hold the rope when lifting the fish want to disauk. When using small kenur, how children want disauk Patin fish will usually fight hard and most likely break.

Fishing means PARIT (snakehead, catfish)

However, even a parit, do not underestimate the results later.
According to my relentless research, the best way snakehead fishing in lakes, ditches and streams is a lizard bait. This is due to happen a lot of times, it's easy just need to hook just a lizard with no hooks or spring guard and throw and pull as usual lures. You can also pull with slow, snakehead fish are the most difficult to get. If you feel a pull or vibration on the bait, you should not continue rembat or feedback, let the fish attracted quite a while-quite 1 minute then respond. 
This required a new can of fish. If you realize it is too late, your bait has been removed from above the fish's mouth do not worry leave it there (stop winding rope) let the bait fall to the floor of the lake. Let the moment last fish definitely eat your bait back. If you noticed the fish are chasing bait you do not stop winding rope pull, roll as normal. If you see your baited water splash (if bait in pull on the surface of the water) do not directly reply, reply when feeling attraction. The best way to make the throw is an area with little or no small fish playing in the water. This is because if there is a big fish small fish will get away from there.
Fishing for catfish also you can also use a lizard but a better long worms and other soft plastic disposable good long worms. Make sure there is lead (sinker). Gently pull the bait on the river bottom. This type of fish will eat the slow @ spoiled, so you are advised to continue to respond if you feel bait eaten.

For fans of fly fishing / fly fishing you can also try the ditch. Based on my experience in the trenches fishing tackle fly more fun because a lot of small fish such as climbing perch chasing bait. Should preferably use a ketch hook.

Tip - Saltwater Fishing in the pond performing

Fishing in the pond this type of baits and techniques in terms of individual skill and determination and do not be lazy to learn the important lesson that although only the result of vision. Bait also instrumental in getting results. Please correct if there is a reduced or incorrect about what I am discussing for mutual benefit.


1.1) Find out the kind of self saltwater pools relative to fishing, including the payment, the maximum, minimum, either type of water applied to salt water or water drawn from the sea water, which has been prepared bait and prohibitions found in the pond.

Typical scenery at fishing pond.
1.2) The pool water should be observed foresee and advise me not to continue to pay and go in and continue fishing, but good idea to look around the pool first, sometimes there are water filled pond where water and grass plants can affect the movement of the bait and sometimes embedded in the plant where the opportunity to get very thin fish.

Example pond full of water weeds.
1.3) In the pool sometimes there are kids that live fish including tilapia are easy to reproduce, especially in mixed salt water pool, including carp dime because these animals can live in salt water. These things can interfere with live bait shrimp alive used mainly because the animals are fond of eating. This is also an opportunity to get a fish pond unfulfilled.

Fish fry the usual look at the fishing ponds.
1.4) Observe first to anglers who are at there if possible, ask them whether or not grumpy eating bait fish and this can be proved against the rope fish anchorage in tie. This is because the fish pond at times tend to feed and sometimes silence continues, then ask yourself to continue fishing or not and for those who come long distances to fishing can make planning time to arrive at the desired pool in the future.

Evidence that the 'fertility' of a fishing pond.
1.5) Usually found beside the fish pond-side of the cage in the pool and noticed also a place where there are a lot of fishermen throwing their butt because some of them are so well aware of the condition of the pond. With this brother can try and chances are quite bright.

Fish cage area.

2.1) Does not require heavy-weight for a half bait need to throw that away, just the middle class.

Light and medium rod set.
2.2) Prepared as possible for leaders who have completed from home at least more than two leaders did not want to waste time in an especially performing.

Figure leaders float pool.
2.3) For use live bait or purchased at the pool or brought their own, bring a small net or small container to fill the live bait.

Bait is placed in a well-drained container with air from the pump.
2.4) Take all additional buoys because if we use fishing policy must observe the people around, if often eat fish using nothing wrong buoy we also tried at least a chance to get bigger fish.

Take one rope leader and additional hooks because if the fish eat the old leader will wear very high dropping probability and a half times the ingested fish eye, this does not need to waste time producing enough swallowed hook cut and use new and sharp eyes.

3) Bait

3.1) Depending on the fish in the pond and the fish what is sought.

3.1.1) Fish Barramundi 
  • Shrimp live. 
  • Belanak life. 
  • Shrimp die (if casting means preferably dead shrimp wrapped in newspaper to straighten placed in the refrigerator and throw away the skin during use. Leader placing small stone ballast types including small beads placed as bait points. Heads dumped shrimp.
  • For those who use live shrimp or mullet without fish grabbed the bait floats during his less favored because of  siakap fish, be patient, extend string briefly then lock the machine and brought new fish tightrope satisfied!
For this fish has always been a game of pool anglers, some achieve mega size and most of these fish release an amount less often for who can raise these fish can gift provided either in weekly or monthly. This account bonuses and cash gifts often so satisfied, the capital required for fishing in saltwater pools this. Often the fish are there in the pond where the water is sucked from the sea as if water plus salt diseased likely not live long.

One thing to remember if it means buoys used in the pond there is a lot of siakap fish, patience is required because most of siakap fish which can be raised using the buoy hooks pierced in his mouth, rarely swallow it, so be careful, always tense rope while pulling the strings and if rod can be lowered during the match, because siakap fish will jump, and this is an opportunity of escaping fish very promising addition siakap fish will try to cut a sharp leader through their gills. I recommend 40 pounds on the rope leader. Brother will be able to feel thirsty or hairy rope leader if the fish can be in Raises and if this happens like for a new leader.

For grouper, having thrown float and not sink quite a long wait, my machines rope slowly roll this should be done as bait diligent in eating the slow likely through in front of groupers and when this happens you will be able to feel the fish violently kerapa takes the bait. When you are ready to do you will be the star and focus of the anglers in the pool then many who want to see results that raised let alone mega efficient and moreover his opponent pull rope with this grouper. During this match brother can ask the person next to you up the butt they fear twisted rope.


List price budget packages, cheap packages and travel packages to the National Park. Especially for students of School and Student IPTA / IPTS and the people of Malaysia. Holiday package including accommodation, meals and activities. We also offer activities in the National Park. Package cycling in the National Park and fishing packages.

Fishing Package Miller Keniam River National Park, Pahang.
Fish Kelah 5 kg with driver directions.

3 days 2 nights package includes : -
  • Price boat from National Parks (3 persons / boat).
  • Food during the expedition prepared, if a boat ride itself can bring anything.
  • Bait is provided.
  • Fishing tools, tents and hardware yourself (bring own)
  • Prepared Lines drivers who specialize in the intricacies of fishing hole.
  • Entry permit and paid their own fishing permit (Permit in RM1.00 / Lines RM10.00 per rod).
Location : -

Lata said, the most distant ports in Rivers Keniam. So far every trip there did not disappoint. Water conditions are appropriate at this time for fishing. Good weather. The best months February to September.

Contact Boatman @ guide rod : -
  1. Mamat @ Razali       : 017-967 8588
  2. ADMIN @ dintahan : 019-969 5889
If unable to contact this might mean Botman was in Keniam River.

Please use e-mail:

Price per person: RM 455.00 ** Maximum 3 people to a boat **
** Price negotiable ... InsyAllah.

Lastly, the results anglers from Singapore,
in Lubuk Rinching Sebarau and fish.
Together recent arrests.


Din Tahan : 019-9695889
email: / 
Agent : Tembeling lake Travel & Tour Sdn Bhd (KPL / LN 6360)

Freshwater Prawns Setiu River, like fishing party

FESTIVAL like atmosphere Giant Freshwater Prawn fishing.

Blogger with your kids want to take the evening wind, plans ready to go out at the Pantai Penarik or Rhu Sepuluh.

Once arrived at the village of Nyatoh along the Setiu, bloggers stunned for a moment to see a lot of people were fishing with his wife and children, like festivals.

Over the River Inui a land lobster.
Arriving at the river, a blogger with the children saw a car stopped after a friend. Apparently This angler, anglers fishing opportunity that is said a lot of lobster in season now.

Looks fishing anglers busy.
After half an hour observing the behavior of anglers here, kids screaming with joy to see a blogger anglers have managed to raise a lobster is about as big as two fingers @ 100 to 150g. Also large size shrimp here. Fun to see the behavior of the children see live shrimp. Completion of the command to buy fishing rods for fishing together.

Fellow blogger who succeed in raising a lobster.
Not long afterwards a fellow blogger also raise another lobster in size earlier. Wow nice to fish with this situation.

For those interested here, if you are from Kuala Terengganu via Penarik beach, it is located on the bridge before the village of Kampung Beris Nyatuh Tokku, ie next to the Traditional Village Massage Center Nyatoh.

Large shrimp can withstand this.
The blogger is hoping cleanliness of the river will continue to wake up, especially from unhealthy elements like activity menuba or any extreme activities like fish bomb, bomb electricity can cause the extinction of wildlife and river and the fish fry and shrimp.

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