Setting up of ornamental fish bowl for White Cloud Mountain minnow

White Cloud Mountain minnow can be reared in ornamental fish bowls. This ornamental fish is known in the aquarium trade in various names like White Cloud, White Cloud minnow, Chinese danio and White Cloud Mountain fish.

These species are native to China and are first discovered in White Cloud Mountains (hence the name). These are very hardy and tolerate fluctuations of temperature, pH and water hardness. They can stand low temperatures and usually do not require heaters.

There are two main variants of this ornamental fish namely 'meteor minnow' and 'golden cloud'. Other variants like blond, pink and golden meteor minnow have resulted due to breeding techniques.

These breed easily scattering their eggs among the plants and substrates in the ornamental fish bowl. The eggs hatch after two days and the babies are fed with feed powder and infusoria. Babies can be kept with the parents. However the increased demand for oxygen must be taken care of.

If the ornamental bowl is large up to 5 white cloud can be kept in it. These fish are omnivores and consume formulated feed like flakes and pellets. White cloud mountain minnows can be fed twice daily taking care that they are not over fed and no residual food is left behind in the ornamental bowl.


Perumpun bait or umpun-umpun quite popular for all anglers because of its ability to use common trap many species of fish and shrimp in either salt water or fresh water in our country this. But for new anglers may not know they will 'power saktinya' when looking exact species of worms that pink is menggeletek geli when disentuhnya. Hence, it was time to poke a little information regarding natural bait award universe.

Perumpun worms or salt water is a group of invertebrates that are actually almost the same type of brother, the earthworms in the garden or banana behind our home. However, a soft shape and reach up to 30 centimeters long and has legs like centipedes, making this species is different with many of the existing earthworms.

Habitat for this species can be found in the muddy areas covered by mangrove trees in coastal or Nipah and they nest in the mud itself. Equatorial climate in the country, there are several species perumpun used for bait fish or a certain field according to their provocation. Perumpun this perumpun including sand, red and reach.
This bait respective parts, perumpun sand - fish bolos, gelama and nine. Reach - bur fish, jenahak, jengah and pig and red perumpun - lobster and fish baung.
Hence, how to find them to be submitted to the expert tracks when low tide in the mangroves where the nest can be identified to see piles of stool land area berlumpur. Sarangnya will dikorek hoe or use a special deep penyedok approximately one meter and then pull slowly to prevent his body broken.

To use this bait, hook appropriate to the size required to transplant perumpun involved the cut about one to two centimeters.

Tip for bait is durable do you cut off the head first and start from the tail a little and if not exhausted in the former save originally put in place and that this teduh. Now, bait perumpun easily found in shops or on the street rod fishing locations in the price between RM5 to RM6 according to its contents.


Mencandat squid (Squid Jigging) is a traditional method that does not use modern ways. Mencandat squid also have happy of its own. In the state of Terengganu have various methods commonly performed by local fishermen to catch squid. One of the most interesting and is mencandat, namely using special equipment called Candat. In the market now have various types and brands Candat made going the current situation. There are several musical Candat name is commonly used among Candat Twist, Candat Shrimp, Candat bait, and several types Candat Buntai again. Tools Candat is hook up with ten points or more attached to the tin and package with a colored cloth warni, but now hooks decorated with artificial bait shrimp fry or shiny plastic, rather than the traditional tools known as Candat Candat twist. Suitability Candat with squid to be caught should also be taken into account. Here we emphasize the capture / mencandat squid torok, cumit-cumit, ketupat and squid because the needle only way mencandat squid mengabang, squid and octopus frog little difference there.


At the end of March to July, the season is the most appropriate to capture / mencandat squid because strong winds northeast monsoon season in South China Sea since subsided, the squid mating and egg-laying season will start. This means squid-sea squid is far from the first visit to certain places to nest, especially around the waters near Pulau Kapas Terengganu, Pulau Bidong, Pulau Redang and a few other places. When mencandat season arrived, the waters around Kemaman, Paka, Dungun, Merchang, Marang, Kuala Terengganu, Stone Raft and Penarik like partying with kerlipan Fluorescent lights are installed at every night. Fluorescent lights that berkerlipan presence was aimed at attracting the attention of the squid are spawning in the area to gather and play in the area around the light lit the lamp. Normally time mencandat squid start dusk and dawn when the lift stopped.

Provision will increase if a person who finds the squid spawn, where millions gathered and squid spawn in one place. This place is also known as "Crate Squid". Squid pen is inhabited by millions of squid are not fish it because there is a level of pampering is too Dietary strong that they take of them (the people). If there is even fish fish Tenggiri, lakes or sharks that are outside the surrounding area to eat is squid. Candat twist in the way the most effective one, with the method appolo, Candat tied two or three on Mainline. Candat normally not revealed until the existing policy to stick to the squid Candat.

Mencandat squid usually done when the full moon rarely full because when the squid move independently, there is also in the way that mencandat because it does not target a specific place such as cuttlefish pen or in the surrounding area. Sometimes also get a lucrative results. However, squid caught in the full moon larger than the size caught in darkness. Instead, the size of the body fat will turn to long after the full moon. In time dark months more appropriate because the lights are installed will attract squid to approach the light.

A skilled pencandat will install three or four Candat on a rope. Each pencandat can obtain between 200 to 300 pound squid mencandat overnight if they indulge in the barn.


1.Candat Twist-twist Candat usually made from tin as ballast, it also placed the combed matakail under it. Usually it is equipped with eight or more matakail which functions as a hanger squid. Dibaluti body with the cloth is usually white / red, white / green and white / blue. How to use it is enter directly from the talisman to Candat chili bound from Mainline. No need to use perambut. When Candat down, doing interesting actions and menghulur into the water disuluh Fluorescent lights. Squid will be interested in showing the movement of food and Candat menyambarnya. At that time, continue to delight and will menyentap rope attached to the hook. Candat twist for torok squid, cuttlefish and ketupat needle. Candat twist is also suitable for squid and squid mengabang frogs when you are in the area unjam or tukun only.

2. Candat bait - shaped length of steel made from lidi and combed with matakail under it. It is also equipped with eight or more commonly made matakail own. There is also Candat issued by the local company that has two sisir matakail without teracat. How mengunakannya is poked fish as bait. Fish will be injected from the tail up into the mouth of fish and chili disangkut use of the head into the next hole and Candat disangkut again before entering the fish head is close chili. There is another method using a wire tied from perambut and injected with the same method using chili and dibelit wire as pengikatnya. Next Candat just miles can be used with live or ranggung (either made from horn or Tangsi that large) that require perambut between three to five meters long. Candat time using bait, we are encouraged to extend two or three Candat with water depth, meaning a didasar, the second middle of the water and another in permuakaan water. For surface water, the weights need not be used and Ideally use a float. Fish passage, Brief, fish and nuts are suitable to serve as bait. Fish size should not exceed the length Candat.

Shrimp-3.Candat It introduced new or used in UMUN, probably in the last seven years (not sure). Candat is very suitable for mencandat squid mengabang. With a solid form and can balance the body in the water give this advantage Candat attention squid. How to use virtually the same bait that requires Candat ranggung passed on to policy. Normally two or three feet from the seabed.

Tebrau Strait contaminated, thousands of dead fish

JOHOR BAHRU - Life of 67 fishermen in the Orang Asli village Klungkung Java, Masai here, depressed due to their source of income affected by water pollution in the Straits of Tebrau since a week ago. JOHOR BAHRU - Life of 67 fishermen in the Orang Asli village Klungkung Java, Masai here, depressed due to their source of income affected by water pollution in the Straits of Tebrau since a week ago.

One of the fishermen, Del Jahon, 49, said the problem of water pollution in the straits that have caused thousands of dead fish including fish in the cage. One of the fishermen, Del Jahon, 49, said the problem of water pollution in the straits that have caused thousands of dead fish including fish in the cage.

"This problem started since August 3 last, but two days later the number of fish of various species of dead rising." This problem started since August 3 last, but two days later the number of fish of various species of dead rising.

"Bangkai-dead fish stranded on the coast caused a very bad smell," he said when met yesterday. "Bangkai-dead fish stranded on the coast caused a very bad smell," he said when met yesterday.

Another fisherman, Friday Sharke, 54, said water pollution was caused revenue affected.

"This morning (yesterday) I get to see the sea a fish nets, but can not." This morning (yesterday) I get to see the sea a fish nets, but can not.

"If this situation continues, we will be closed source income," he said, earned about RM50 a day from the sea. "If this situation continues, we will be closed source income," he said, Earned about RM50 a day from the sea.

He said, dead-fish carcasses that stranded residents in residential areas also remove odor causing appetite they are disturbed. He said, dead-fish carcasses that stranded residents in residential areas also remove odor causing appetite they are disturbed.

Ustaz tips about red fish

OTHER other people and other people are also various other petuanya. According to independent missionaries, Daud Che Ngah, when fish in the waters of Labuan, there are certain tips that practiced by the people there. "I'm not sure how fish communicate but according to friends of Labuan, if fish bait twitch red and successfully promoted, never hold the fish." If you love fishing even on your rope, cut it talinya and install a new hook. If you hold the fish is red, there will be no more red fish that will be increased after that, "he said. Ustaz Daud said, may menggelupur when there is a certain sound signals sent to other fish in the water red. Red fish moving group, so when a successful dikail other fish may have realized they lose 'friends'. "Mighty God everything can happen and does not in our thinking," said David who always brought to the boom only when outside the district. He was also fishing in the waters of Pangkor.

Avoid wearing rings when fishing rocky

WEARING rocky whether sapphire ring, emerald, ruby, rock grass, timber bags, etc. has its own privileges and the user looks gah.

However, if you wear when fishing .... you may be returned with empty hands. True or not, decide ... it is also possible kebetulannya.

For a hardcore anglers, Suffian Mohd Hassan from Malacca, he has experience with wearing rings fishing rocky grass and wood bag, where no arrests obtained when following the track trip charge in Lubuk Kaloi, Taman Negara Kuala Koh, recently.

Not only he, could not catch any ... even some friends who also attend the trip home with empty hands. Are satisfied, including many bait ripe ripe fig, palm and eru ..... used, but no reaction from the king of fresh water.

Similarly disguise, dressed in black and hiding behind trees when fishing complain, but still failed. In fact, the trip that no one knows whether anglers fish obtain complaint, Lampam river, or kerai Kejor.

After review, a fisherman's ring shows the same shape rugged wooden bags.

Actions that cause a veteran fisherman angry and disappointed, but advises her colleagues not to wear it when it joined the trip in the future.

Sea legs are not safe for fishing

Every time menjengah monsoon season arrives, there are stories about death due to drowning dihanyut flood because negligent attitude of the people their children, or their refusal to comply with instructions issued by the authorities moved.

Death due to flooding should be instructive example to all walks of life to enhance supervision over children and other children that do not take security aspects when considering casual.

Death is not denied but the commandment of Allah is not trivial safety grounds look like child's play let water flood at will but always remind ourselves that hold Malay saying, `remember before kena '.

Very important for us to give attention to children, they play in the excitement of water activities are considered as normal during the flood season, but the truth is, we do not know what will happen. How much can be done for parents faced with children who like playing red water flooding with always giving advice and reminders about the dangers if not carefully.

At the same time, parents or guardian shall monitor the movement of children in the flooding season. Not, when you have tripped, new to terngadah.

Should, after a security guard working families through well taken, banyakkan pray that apply distanced from bad things and facing unexpected given patience flood.

For some foot rod, monsoon became such a favorite to go out fishing because this claim when the big fish out. Advise them not too concerned about catches and at the same time security ignored.

They should remember the tragedy every time upon arrival monsoon season, fishermen are missing or have died because their boat hit a wave. In fact, until now the story of a fisherman in Mersing, Johor lost five years ago still have not found.

Should be in monsoon season, is the best time for the rest of the foot rod down to the sea. Possible to sit at home all the equipment to clean or repair all damaged fishing boats and others. If too gian to fishing, they may visit the commercial pond, lake or mines far more safe or less risk.

Similarly, avoid fishing in the river have current heavy because tebingnya unstable especially when in the rain. At the boom that easily avoid using the thunderbolt struck (information can be found in shops selling fishing equipment).

To those who take the opportunity to install or trawl nets during the flood, must be careful. They know the location or seharus pool to be installed trawl, if it can avoid dangerous places like Reba wood, the rapids and others.

We also forget is conducting water and electricity if flooding submerged homes, residents affected by the possibility of electric shock due to very large electrical plug or a submerged cable is disconnected there is the possibility of causing an electric current can flow in the water.

If spotted electricity pole fell and submerged in water or have the cable line Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB) is interrupted, the quick online relationship service TNB (15454) is to avoid the electric shock victims.

Disaster in the flood season can be avoided if we are aware of the latest information delivered authorities whether in radio, television, newspapers or Internet, and ready to move when the command is issued. We should abide by good words bak saying, 'Malang odorless.


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