Lobster Livelihood

RIVER Kerian that separates the New Town in the Perak Kerian, a place of living most of New Town residents who live on the edge of river.

The river is so deep lobster and provides income to more than 200 people and holding fishing traps there.

In addition Kelisa gold fish (arowana) are also commonly found in the Kerian River to provide additional fishing.

"Over the past year we arrest an average of more than 100 kilograms of lobster a day and sold between RM30 to RM40 a kg," said Abdul Aziz Mat, 65, specializes in lobster fishing Kerian River 10 years ago.

He said he was normal for three to five kilograms of lobster every time out fishing from midnight to early morning.

When found at the base of river fishermen in Kampung Parit binoculars or also known as Kampung Kubu, Abdul Aziz who is known among his colleagues as an expert fishing lobster, also use traps to catch more shrimp.

"In addition to lobster, I use traps to catch the ship huge fish (Oxyeleotris marmoratus) is a high demand and quite expensive on the market," he said.

In addition bubunya also entered as Tapah and teroboi fish.

According to Abdul Aziz, the right time to stop fishing or lobster traps are at low tide and clear water.

"Giant river prawn, more delicious flavor of lobster, and has its own fans," he said.

Lake Seri Rampai need to be upgraded

A lake in Taman Seri Rampai here, although not perfect, remains a focus for people around the exercise in the evening especially on weekends because of its location most convenient to them.

It also became the location of foot fishing gian release, while for the body to keep around the lake where they are jogging.

Although physical conditions sufficient to residents about exercise, but it is seen behind compared to recreational parks under the care of Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL).

In this regard, Members of Parliament Setiawangsa, Datuk Zulhasnan Rafique urged City Hall to do something about the lake area by visitor facilities and Beautiful.

"Facilities such as benches for visitors who rest needed to do recreational activities here.

"In addition, the need for additional lights illuminate the lake," he said in his speech at the closing ceremony 1Malaysia fishing competition organized by Pusat Khidmat Wakil Rakyat Setiawangsa and DBKL.

Approximately 2,000 visitors witnessed the competition, which included 387 participants.

Strict Zulhasnan, fishing competition was held aimed at strengthening relations between ethnic groups in the area around Parliament Setiawangsa.

Meanwhile, bring luck to the new boom Mohd. Faizal Abd. Manan emerged champion when to bring home the prize of RM1, 500. In fact this is the first time he joined the fishing competition.

When can Horseshoe crab Bathroom Sea

When I shower in the central coast of Pengkalan Balak Melaka, foot I stepped on something that feels hard, when I take the hand, I wonder how it looks large king crab. Would continue to bring up to the beach, take pictures for memories past.

When the night appeared, the king crab tu we can burn once with grilled chicken. When already cooked, taste like crab body looks delicious. I know what blood king crab in use medicinal purposes in countries such as Japan. In fact, it is also grown in large scale for the purpose of taking blood. He has mother-in-law shells I want to bring back memories.

Aquarium Tips: Sepat hardy species, unique

FISH sepat (Gourami) is considered one of the rare species maintained by the aquarium owners. This is because many who described the species is difficult preserved. And there are also species of the opinion that there is no commercial value.

However, less aquarium owners also maintain that because this species is more difficult than uniqueness found in ditches or ponds that before this becomes the main habitats.

Please note there are four types of fish sepat - Honey Gourami (COLISA chuna), Dwarf Gourami (COLISA lalia), Pearl Gourami (Trichogaster leeri) and Blue Gourami (Trichogaster trichopterus).

Each species displays different physical properties and has attracted its own force because many owners have started to collect fish species is considered endangered.

Many may not know that this species is considered easy to maintain than other species. This is because they are considered hardy and need not care too neat and easy living.

Price less than RM5 and a variation of this Sepat has caused many aquarium shop owners began to sell because it has gained a place among aquarium owners.

Four types of fish has a habit sepat nutrition, reproduction, compatibility and aquarium lighting and preparation habits opinion matching and requires only minimal maintenance.

This species is fond of dry food, either in the form of thin sheets or details. It was deemed not too choose in the selection of food.

Sepat reproduce spawn. It is quite comfortable with a bright aquarium lighting without the sun.

This is not the type of fish predators. Hence, it is friendly with other fish. Landscape aquarium that is suitable to enter the water in dense vegetation.

Opinion habit is lobby-like hovering below the surface. However in terms of water, Honey Gourami is compatible with water pH6.8, plasticity H7 water, water temperature 28 degrees Celsius, grow up to 6 cm and 80-liter water reservoir. Dwarf Gourami (pH6, H7, 28 degrees Celsius, 6cm, 80 liters), Pearl Gourami (pH7, H8, 10cm, 26 degrees Celsius and 100 liters) and Blue Gourami (pH6.8, H6, 27 degrees Celsius, 15cm and 200 liters).

Save River Telekosang

TENOM : Fish complain definitely synonymous with watery clear river that is located far inland and free from contamination. However, fish that are ideal foot fishing every day is getting increasingly scarce as threatened for various reasons. To fish is also not easy and requires patience and a long time high.

However, fish that has a delicious body with shiny scales that can be found easily on the River Telekosang is located in the area. River that flows into a rain resident fish species that have such a high market. In fact, 35.2 kilometers along the river is a source of sustenance to people in several villages in remote areas in this region such as village Rundum, Sumambu and Mamaitom. The river that flows swift river from the border to Indonesian villager Tomani in Tenom and also become a source of water to residents in that area.

However, the river is the main artery that area, especially rural population that is increasingly threatened. Malaysia Utusan reviews to find the river flowing clear river that is now used to switch the color to yellowish. In addition, there are a lot of waste timber that float in the river overlooking the ears. A villagers Mamaitom, Mohd. Syafie Abdullah, 65, said he was disappointed to see the current river conditions.

He claimed it was contamination that occurred due to human greed logging without environmental priority. "Rivers was a first time and in very clear, but now I am very sad to see once they have polluted and increasingly shallow. "So I appeal to the responsible parties to do something to stop the pollution that occurred in this river," he said when met here recently.

He said if no action is done right he believes the beauty and diversity of fish in the river will disappear altogether. Clearly, though many complain of fish in the river there at the time this species was seen but has been reduced by more than 10 years ago. "If the first complaint I can see fish swimming and when the banks can easily arrest but is no longer. "While the nets can be found every time ditebarkan, it is not as much as before," he said.

A resident of Kampung Sumambu, Panai Salim, 40, said the existence of many waste wood that float in the river at this difficult time catching fish population. In fact, he said, the timber wash it also may be dangerous to the safety of villagers seek there. "At this time, very difficult to install as wooden trawl trawl float many causes we often torn. Menjala For it is often difficult because of stuck," he said. In that Mongolok John, 57, who came from nearby towns Kemabung said the government should take proactive action to save the rivers.

Reported, the river is used as a potential tourism products that can improve the state's economic state and local residents. In addition, he said, efforts to save the river should also be done as soon as the shallow river conditions that can cause flash flooding risk in many areas in the region. "This river actually has many valuable treasures such as fish and various aquatic life complaint.

"In fact the river is also surrounded by flora and fauna that can provide variety and tranquility to visitors so it is maintained and protected accordingly," he said.

Impediment To Soft Bait

Use fill fish sometimes difficult because it is easy terburai especially when dibaling or brought current. Therefore, a suitable knot needed to avoid passing out simply.

Use fill fish sometimes difficult because it is easy terburai especially when dibaling or brought current. Therefore, a suitable knot needed to avoid passing out simply.

1 - Please fill out the fish commonly used but must be removed to allow the skin smells attractive to tame the victim and then enter the hook to fill the fish.

2 - Then the diameter of thin rope Tangsi in almost the whole bait just now.

3 - Disconnect bond last wind bait but just never make any impediment.

Hold breath, do not move when the snake want to achieve

Often we forget or do-do forget things when fishing safety. Danger is always there around without realized, especially for anglers who like jungle trekking and river estuaries Depkominfo throughout Malaysia. Mostly not emphasizing their personal safety. Medical equipment "First aid" must be brought together during jungle trekking to fishing as a first step before referred to the doctor.

Space this time to discuss tips for snake venom can be fatal to the victim. For senior citizens Mat Ali Siku from Kampung Kuala Pah, Kuala Kelawang, Negeri Sembilan can offer expertise and unsurpassed snake is not surprising given he was nicknamed Snake Pak Ali.

Recognize acquire knowledge through dreams snake, senior citizens aged 73 years is often called the home if neighbors are not invited guests visited it. According to him, never played with the snake because it can cause disaster if exultant brave.

Ability to catch various species of poisonous snakes like cobra Tedung, Calloselasma, python and many more talk to villagers. Message to anglers who like fishing at night if encounters with venomous snakes such as cobra or snake Tedung axes do not move the body and can hold if breathing.

Venomous snakes such as cobra Tedung senses can detect prey with heat blown. Usually the snake will stand ready to achieve, so never test.

Let the snake down to own land and let it go. Message, when through the forest at night, wear rubber shoes that high, because it can protect us from the thigh bitten rattlesnake. If someone bitten snake, with binding cloth or use a strong bond that the bitten.

This way, can slow the venom absorbed into the bloodstream. Breathe with the heart a supreme place in the body of your snake just bitten and the pier that can be issued. Then, must refer to the clinic or medical center nearby.

For those who are often fishing at night, he reminded to be cautious look around before the crane boom conditions.

Tip Bait: Children Tebuan Puyu For Fishing, Haruan

Bait insects such as child tebuan simply synonymous with anglers who like fishing puyu, haruan keli or in fresh water areas such as paddy fields, rivers or swamps.

Smells a little rancid or smell quite like the fish that smell to be the main food menu.

Worm like larvae form resembles beluncas and white when he was 'baby' and the color black when mature, found in Clubbing nest.

Typically nest tebuan this can be found at the top of the tree twigs or plant shrubs in the area around the village or jungle.

Form nests, such as jars and grow up to be able to convert to enough adults feared by people who fear he sting by tebuan if disturbed.

For experts who find bait like this, their first perfume or burn nests identified for adults and drove tebuan take his son.

In terms of preparation, bait tebuan fried without oil first with their own recipes such as sour included pieces that lasts much longer and smell as well as seeks out tengiknya.

In the fishing arena, children who are ready to be cooked tebuan will ferment for several days to retain scent. After that, children will tebuan this the hook from head to tail with the hook-sized ten or 11.

According to anglers who use bait is normal, the child is said to effectively stimulate sensory tebuan scaly species such as fish puyu to eat.

He said, should be on hold arrests four finger-sized adults is not uncommon for fans of this bait tebuan children.

Add them again, uncertain climatic conditions present cause why tebuan nests found this difficult.

Pak Hitam So Anglers Options

Kuala Besut: Along with the oil platform, the great fishing show ft tekong Abdul Ghani Ahmad @ Pak Hitam (pictured), the expert detects subconscious red fish, jenahak, grouper, jemuduk, ebek and others.

Name half a century-old man was not only often playing in the lips foot rod, but interesting package promises extremely lucrative catch, pull up a cause he often ordered.

This is evident until June next, he was already booked foot boat fishing either from the Klang Valley, Johor Bahru, Kelantan, Terengganu and Pahang. In fact, anglers Singapore also get service for fishing around the oil platform.

Pak Black said, he was active fishing packages run since 1999 after a friend asked as he then can not take foot rod as less healthy.

"My only real tekong fishermen who catch fish in the waters just the eight nautical miles away from the beach Kuala Besut. However, after the jump tekong field, I continued to move actively offer fishing packages.

"Experience with a wide waters Kuala Besut, coupled with a more than 200 fish size XL hole, I made the choice anglers. People have never complained or gave birth to feel disappointed when I go fishing with, flat-rated praise with catches in the hole that brought, "he said.

Among the favorite location is Coral Area, Coral Wahab, Unjam Pak Black, Karang Haji Rahman, LUBUK 10 minutes and more. Tenggiri even the existence of fish species, grouper, red, ebek, embankment and many more quality fish in the reefs here can give satisfaction to anglers and fishermen in general.

Wooden boats over 50 feet fishermen based in Kuala Besut jetty, usually take more than 12 hours to get to the destination and comfortable with 10 anglers on a trip.

Interestingly Pak Black is, along the main route to the destination, he will stop at some unjam or coral sea to find the bait. If fortunate large fish available.

If you have any anglers want to feel attraction violent large pale red, Pak Itam contact: 019-9403715.

Tenggiri Astray Island Salang

Endau: After two failed to capture lucrative trip deck struggling with monsoon winds, remnants of the group Blue Tuna Fish, which have at the end of time, once again saw the waters Penyabong, Endau-Mersing. Seeing this mission hopes many species of fish landed.

Author with Pak Johari Abas and (Joe) from Kuala Lumpur Penyabung arrived at approximately 1 am before joining with four other partners, namely Osman, Jamal, and Jafre Mohammad Taib tekong to meet in the fishing village jetty. However, the expedition 'stuck' because the weather is still bad with occasional waves of hard sound oscillation.

Accurate 3-hour morning wind began to poor conditions and involved three stars appear in the gap seen clouds. Quickly, tekong Taib engine and turn left onto the jetty Penyabong to Tulai waters near Salang. In addition to waters inhabited various bait fish, it is rich with the embankment and Mudd.

Use fresh bait sliced squid, we substitute-substitute tetanda raising, child grouper, embankment and jemuduk. Their so fun to not realize barrels Coleman 64 qt brought already filled with fish. Small fish are released back into its original habitat.

Once again, plans for fishing in the Pulau Ambon Island and exhausted when signs of stunted bad weather will come into existence. This led tekong Taib bay area to find shelter away from the village of Salang. Once the anchor down, the wind blows blustery Asia and most anglers choose to sleep and rest due to fatigue.

Osman kekili multiplier that uses rope with 50 pounds to take position behind the boat along with the authors hope to compete with large sharp toothed fish such as fish and Tenggiri barakuda. O hot coffee while breathe, he several times direntap boom but silent in touch almost instantly without ever hour.

Thanks to patience, young people born Drainage Wahit, Muar, was finally able to raise a Tenggiri astray in the bay waters. Although the bay is not a midwife waterfall fishing spot, but the area which we call, Bay End of Night clear result.

Tenggiri a fish weighing six kilograms successfully domesticated, Osman smile because Tenggiri not think the strike cobra live bait he used. While writers and tekong Taib berputih because the rope used perambut fathom five interrupted due to the sharp teeth Kerat barakuda children.

By dawn, the weather improved. At the same time, a group howl fish (big-eyed cobra type) and we seem to change fishing techniques using Apollo white. We can not rest because I'm a doctor is always filled howl once lifted.

Unjam wish to visit in the middle of the sea can be met only for three hours only. This is because the weather changed again and this time worse. After landing several belitung and jemuduk size XL, we had to terminate the expedition because the wind more mad.

Champion Pre-GP Joran 2010

Rays strung see big jump on the beach

MALACCA: "I am overwhelmed, the state four months pregnant second child, my wife still have joined the Pre-GP Joran Carnival 2010 even willing to accompany me in this competition," said the champion Pre-GP Joran 2010, Sardi Othman, 40.

Sardi said, sacrifices his wife, Marlina Toman, 26, appears worthwhile when he defeated the champion of approximately 2.200 participants from all over the country in the competition held at the Pantai Puteri, here.

With the victory, Sardi take home a cash prize of RM20, 000 reward that had provided most lucrative series in the Daily News this competition.

Sardi said, initially, he was somewhat reluctant compete at Pre-GP Joran Carnival in 2010, thinking his wife is pregnant.

"However, my wife did not stop if I want to participate in fishing gear. My wife give full support, so our family soon left to register to Coast Princess, "he said when met after the ceremony Pre-prize winner of GP Joran Carnival 2010 by the Chief Minister, Datuk Seri Mohd Ali Rustam.

Also present at the ceremony, the Daily News Author Group, Datuk Mior Kamarul Shahid; Member of Parliament for Tangga Batu, Datuk Idris Haron and Members of Legislative Assembly Regions Coast Kundor Datuk Ab Rahaman Ab Karim.

Sardi said, he began to tame berjinak-in fishing activities since the last three years and often brought his wife and eldest son to swimming or fishing if there is a leisure on weekends.

To relate his experience competing, Sardi said he once saw a panicky moment Rays successfully promoted to the delta coast. In fact, he said, at that time, he continues to boom because they do not want to keep continue the competition.

"After submitting to catch Marshal on duty, I lean on a tree to disappear ru feeling nervous while updating equipment. "It is not that, after seeing bersimpul often bond with other anglers, I feel no mood to continue fishing, though the time limit competition still remaining two hours.

"In the heart speak, if any other anglers catch a big increase ... Naya made! People said, would be provided, not to any and I just submitted to God, "he said.

Asked why he refused to continue competing after the incident rays increase shelf, Sardi seeking income as a craftsman home from Sungai Besar, Selangor, said:

"As a new angler berjinak-tame with GP Joran, experience raising fish in front of hundreds of other anglers who observed enough to make me cuak briefly.

"Feeling nervous I can not describe with words when the fight with the fish that have not been identified initially. Terdetik also in mind and worry if the rope drop due to other anglers crossed with ropes. However, feeling is lost when the catch landed safely, "he said.

Period of time until the competition ends, the Rays weighing kilograms 5:15 Sardi dipancing confirmed as the heaviest catch and defeat the approximately 2,000 other participants.

In the competition, anglers from Sungai Buloh, Selangor, Idris Yusoff, 45, who landed a small ray of 1:47 kilograms announced as the winner in second place with a cash prize of RM10, 000.

While third place was won Jais Mohd Ali, 42, from Endau, Johor who took home RM5, 000 arrests through Toegoe 1:16 kilogram weight.

30,000 Visitors Fill Beach Puteri

MALACCA: hot weather 33 degrees Celsius recorded at the Puteri Beach, last week did not prevent more than 30,000 people visit the Carnival Fishing Pre-2010 GP Joran concussion more competition and opening the curtain series of GP Joran this year.

Thousands of visitors who come from all over the country to record their own history on the organization of GP Joran Berita Harian organized this time. Their presence adds to the statistics of tourists to this state of birth Hang Tuah.

The first day of Carnival Fishing Pre-GP Joran 2010 and Saturday, bustling with various events such as cooking demonstrations by celebrity, Chef Raman Amoy. He shows how to prepare fish, red ripe sour spicy, fried rice and cooking fat berjagung sardine Amoy.

Many visitors visited the stall and get cooking this recipe and picture with Chef Raman.

In addition, stalls selling cheap organized Bernas, Superbest Power, TCE Tackles, Boat Explorer, Noraini's Cookies and Maggi / Nestle unfailing visited people who want to get latest product sponsors.

What is for sure, children most likely pleased to participate in competitions organized by coloring Gardenia interesting over 200 entries. In addition to earned almost as gifts, children are also given color pencil, bread and Twiggies.

In the afternoon, karaoke competition organized by attracting over 20 entries. Azura David won this competition after defeating 24 other contestants. He received cash prizes and hampers.

At night, pop yeh-yeh, Jefrey Din and dangdut star, Ifa Raziah warm Princess Coast with their presentations. Some viewers dancing together by artist style adoration.

Presentation alternate alternate combo with Malacca Historical City Council (MBMB) and two new talent introduced through competition Idola Daily News, Syazwanie and Irwant.

Appearances champions Raja Lawak third season, Scarlet warm again on the second day carnival. Spontaneous behavior Scarlet manage pull rope and coloring competition organized Gardenia make children not dry gum.

Highlight addition to prize-giving ceremony to winners, the lucky draw session participants are anticipated. In fact, some visitors take the opportunity to register to pay RM100 only want to seize the opportunity to win prizes Modenas Kriss motorcycle and boat fiberglass sponsor contributions.

The main contribution of Members of Parliament prize Tangga Batu, Datuk Idris Haron was finally won Solomon Assim from Seremban, Negeri Sembilan.

Langkawi Not Fish Out In Fishing

PULAU Legenda Mahsuri, Langkawi island which houses dozens become a landmark for fishermen to find sustenance. Islands into a secret location for them because this is the local fishermen to feed.

PULAU Legenda Mahsuri, Langkawi island which houses dozens become a landmark for fishermen to find sustenance. Islands into a secret location for them because this is the local fishermen to feed.

Tekong Pulau Tuba between birth who have vast experience in the sea here. In fact, they explore the boundaries of territorial waters to neighboring Thailand. But for a young child who was born on the island - Khuzaimi Kassim, 40, or known as Mee Tekong, consider the provision of marine resources is never exhausted even as many residents dikaut fishermen.

Mee Tekong already married and has three children still hope in the sea. Island reef fish species that inhabited the place where he is seeking sustenance. He is also a highly enthusiastic sailors.

He found in Langkawi recently, have expressed the hope to expand the service to bring anglers in the waters around the island group of islands that will certainly not guarantee satisfaction fishing. He has several boat replacement glass that can accelerate the speed to a location nearby. In addition, he also has a fishing boat that can carry more payload anglers 10 customers at a time.

Tip Bait: Fig Tame Effort Complain

Fig (Ficus auriculata Lour) also classified as local forest fruit scattered in many of our nation. Hence, the type of tree that grows in tropical and equatorial climates can usually be found near rivers or in inland forest fringe villages.

Fig (Ficus auriculata Lour) also classified as local forest fruit scattered in many of our nation. Hence, the type of tree that grows in tropical and equatorial climates can usually be found near rivers or in inland forest fringe villages.

Features and the onion-shaped fruit is between two to ten group and green beans before cooking red when ripe.

Part in this whole, hollow and layer by small seeds red. This fruit has a small hole in the end.

Fruit also in the family Moraceae is also preferred forest animals such as fruit bats, squirrels, monkeys and fish species such as the chariot charge omnivor this nature.

There are approximately 800 species of this fruit in the world. Fig also used in traditional medicine as containing anti-oxidant.

In the fishing arena, ara ripe fruit is usually selected because of recognized local anglers can tame species kelah (Tor tambroides).

According to anglers who use the fruits of this common, how to transplant a piece of fruit is on hook size number 11 and included perambut single strength 30 pounds.

Add them, also need to focus on the roll under trees ara located near the river that has fish.

Also said to be effective only when the fruit is ripe season to trap fish and logic because in this season, it only became a favorite fish is only in charge of their daily menu.

Do Not Triggered When Lightning

I thought to sunny afternoon, cloudy appearance in the middle of the day. For foot rod when cloudy arrived, an indication that the storm will go down. However, before the storm, definitely lightning strike first.

I thought to sunny afternoon, cloudy appearance in the middle of the day. For foot rod when cloudy arrived, an indication that the storm will go down. However, before the storm, definitely lightning strike first.

Tip Pak Nuri this invites anglers to share information and experience about the weather before their fishing - whether in the sea, rivers, lakes, ditches or ponds commercial.

When the weather not so good as sabung thunder and lightning-risk one, anglers are advised not to resume fishing activities, especially those who use kekili electric battery power. This is because the feared kekili last occurrence of lightning struck the electric shock.

This situation may be dangerous to anglers, but endeavors to do with the immediate release of the fishing boom hands but not thrown into the sea.

Groups anglers who called themselves 'Loggers waves' child headed families fishermen, Atan latitude, had experienced the event struck lightning rod in the shaft boom kekili using electricity. Electric shock victims who fell unconscious, but soon recovered our experienced anglers.

Consequently, the number of factors and safety by anglers, Pak Nuri instructed anglers to avoid fishing when the weather thunder and lightning, even at that fierce hunting fish bait.

For anglers on land as on the shores of lakes, river banks or mines, preferably avoid shelter under shady trees or in exposed ground lightning struck as feared.

Probable canoe paddle back crocodile

Suddenly any kind, in his heart that night haste to the river to fishing like the lobster in the hope that his wife is four months pregnant, Suhaimi stories to author immediately arrived at the house Tok Batin Penghulu Itam, in a village of indigenous upstream Sungai Pahang.

Suddenly any kind, in his heart that night haste to the river to fishing like the lobster in the hope that his wife is four months pregnant, Suhaimi stories to author immediately arrived at the house Tok Batin Penghulu Itam, in a village of indigenous upstream Sungai Pahang.

Because do not want to make her wish, her closest friend with a Suhaimi (Alang Ali) continued to respect the river menghulu already familiar with them and even shrimp and hole-hole Prabowo river already terpeta in their heads. Hence the confidence that makes his wife Suhaimi not fear passing through the night her husband was fishing for lobster is desirable in recent years.

Similarly, the Alang Ali the hereditary blood heirs of the original still holds strong to the belief that something is happening that comes from Allah, we ask Him for help. Alang Ali and the family has long been converted to Islam.

He is single but a family meeting with Penghulu Batin Itam famous dakwahnya to attract more indigenous people in the village converted to Islam.

Once arrived at the base by not using any lights, just light in the sky help them take a small boat that only comfortable for two people only then proceeding to a river with paddle.

Weather conditions that night just as usual, only occasionally have a different feel when the pedal. Experience of two friends of shrimp fishing in the river no doubt quickly if they meet lobster hole.

Because the hole is protected from the race, not stop boat, but it is floating down for fishing to provide comfort and Suhaimi Ali Alang. LUBUK bring about a lucrative catch large species of lobster.

Each using only two bars of each boom has produced dozens of lobster and in the same boat moving slowly to a more quiet location but less groove both the experienced angler.

Alang Ali tried to paddle boat headed the other direction but did not follow directions then by Suhaimi, but their location is also much larger shrimp landed.

Because more than adequate provision has been returned to their base, but along the way they feel different with the boat that they take, because occasionally there are like water in the boat menyimbah. Alang Ali and Suhaimi not want to think about it all the more because in the hope that they arrive in secure database.

Once landed in the land that they take a boat sank and emerged not far from the base then disappear to middle river. Suhaimi and Alang Ali breathe long because not think it looks not that they take a long boat to fishing.

They do not even speak about a few of them take a boat, only the wife Suhaimi only mention the boat is used by husband simultaneously with Suhaimi is remembered that his wife is heir grandson of Awang Dolmat (Newbie crocodiles).

Beach Puteri Ready

MALACCA: Everything is running smoothly and Coastal Princess now only waiting the presence of thousands of visitors will flood the beach in conjunction with the Pre-GP Joran Carnival 2010, today and tomorrow, "said Deputy Chairman of Legislative Affairs Coordinator Coastal Kundor, Ahmad Aman.

MALACCA: Everything is running smoothly and Coastal Princess now only waiting the presence of thousands of visitors will flood the beach in conjunction with the Pre-GP Joran Carnival 2010, today and tomorrow, "said Deputy Chairman of Legislative Affairs Coordinator Coastal Kundor, Ahmad Aman.

He said, already 10 years was chosen as the Princess Beach GP Joran courts beginning with the facilities and infrastructure owned it did not cause problems for his department to receive visitor attendance.

"The meeting today we itemize each task to ensure smooth carnival. This is a one party state and government programs will provide Japerun without undivided cooperation and support for, "he said after chairing a Program Implementation Committee meeting in the village of Bittern here, felt.

Also present Daily News Special Projects Manager, Mohd Riza Mizal; Manager, The New Straits Times Press (M) Bhd (NSTP) cum Chief Bureau Daily News Malacca branch, Amirullah Andi Nur; Secretary Japerun Coast Kundor, Baderin Mohd Abd Samat; Secretary Admin DUN Coast Kundor, Maarof Ramli and several relevant government agencies.

Among the departments present Malacca Historical City Council (MBMB), police, Civil Defense Department Malaysia, SWM Pte Ltd, Real, Petronas Censorship (Melaka) Sdn Bhd, Public Works Department (PWD), Department of Information and Department of Fisheries.

Meanwhile, Chief Minister, Datuk Seri Mohd Ali Rustam grateful to the Daily News as still choose Coast Princess as the first location in the 2010 GP Joran to-10 years as host of the prestigious competition.

"Beach Princess is still relevant and very suitable location for the public exercise and relax," he said.
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